How to use Telegram bots

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In Telegram there are basically two types of bots: those that you must use by interacting with them in a private chat or with commands and those that work directly while you type, also called inline bots. Many bots, like @calcubot, support both modes. The way to interact with them is slightly different:

Normal bots: You will have to interact with them through private messages or, if they are in a group, through commands in the chat. In this case, you send your query as if it were a normal message. In the example of @calcubot, you open a private chat with the bot and send it 2+2, to which the bot will reply that it is 4. Inline bots: in this case you must mention them while you write, adding the query below. You then receive the result or a suggestion, which is not sent to the chat until you choose it. For example, in a private chat with another person, you type @calcubot 2 + 2 and it shows you 4 in a window. If you want, you can add it to the chat. URL Uploader One of the most popular bots on Telegram is URL Uploader, which does something as simple as downloading stuff for you (as long as it’s less than 500MB). That is, if you want to send a 200 MB file from the Internet to a friend, instead of uploading it to Telegram, instead of downloading it and uploading it to Telegram, you can make this bot download it by sending it the link. @uploadbot PDF Bot If you ever need to make a small readjustment in a PDF file and you only have a mobile with Telegram at hand, a good alternative is to use PDF Bot. With this bot you can join, encrypt, rotate, scale, separate, add watermarks and extract text and photos from PDF documents. @pdfbot MP3 Tools Likewise, if you ever need to make any adjustments to an MP3 file, you have everything you need on Telegram with the help of this bot. Available options include trimming MP3s, changing bitrates, editing ID3 tags, or forwarding as voicemail. @mp3toolsbot Bot is one of the few bots to download videos from YouTube… Keep reading: 25 recommended Telegram bots to get the most out of the app

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